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Wednesday 24 November 2010

"I Can't Believe It's Not Sushi!"

or "Adding Insult to Culinary Ninjary"

So I've been doing all this experimentation with the Great British Favourite, the humble Fish Finger (and it's slightly less humble, alluringly pink Salmon cousin)... And then a friend bought me an 'All You Need To Make Your Own Sushi' kit.

What's a guy to do, except perform further silly experiments with his food?

I mean, come on, Raison d'Être, anyone? If I'm going to do this Blog, I might as well include the stupid stuff.

Now, let's face it, I don't need to list the ingredients in this one, or the tools, or even go into detail about the process. Out came the Fish Fingers - Cod, Pollock, Salmon - the dark Soy sauce and the Wasabi. Fish into oven, 12 minutes at the required temperature (210degrees in a fan-assisted oven). Soy sauce decanted into a small dish (or plate, since my crockery is somewhat lacking in this department at the moment), along with a small amount of Wasabi paste and mixed together. Once cooked, the fish fingers are dipped into the sauce and consumed.

The Results:
Um. Yeah. Certainly interesting. The Soy/Wasabi sauce brings back the flavour that is otherwise obscured by the crispy breadcrumb coating, but this is a really, truly, pathetically basic snack. While inevitably doomed to be repeated in times of desperation, drunkenness or outright whimsy, it just ain't satisfying. And it's not simply that the rice or the seaweed were absent... it's just... They're bloody fish fingers, aren't they?

But it had to be tried, gosh-darnit!

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