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Sunday 30 January 2011


It has been my plan, almost since the very first post on this blog, to do some small measure of promotion for it, with it, around it. One of the certainties in this vague plan was the creation of a t-shirt, or range of t-shirts, relating to the blog and its contents. I'm also not entirely sure I actually want my mug plastered all over these pages...

So, what do I need? A mascot, that's what!

And, being a big fan of the whole Lolcats phenomena, what better place to start than 'I can haz cheezburger'?

Well, naturally this cat would want something slightly more impressive...

There's this version... and a super-huge 300dpi version that I'm hoping - sometime soon - to turn into a t-shirt (though I suspect I should add the full, proper URL in there somewhere)... if not for public consumption, then very much for myself.

Anyone care to suggest a name for the fussy little fellow?

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