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Wednesday 9 February 2011

Thought for the Day

OK, y'know what's missing from this blog?


I mean, come on, it's called snacks & the single man. Why is there no alcohol?

Steak and Ale pies are off the menu because beef makes me ill... but surely something similar is possible with other meats? And how about looking into making up a beer batter for some home-made fish and chips (good grief, that Red Onion Gravy is going to my head!) since I tend to enjoy the stuff they serve in pubs, and I've got a new fishmonger just over the road now?

Cocktails, certainly... Plenty of rum, tequila and vodka sitting in my kitchen (I seem to acquire far more alcohol than I actually drink, and most of the time it ain't me buying it!)...

\\Research mode...

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