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Monday 15 February 2016

A Flippin' Late, Flippin' Short Blog Post

It comes to something when I can't even be bothered to write the most underachieving post in the underachieving history of this underachieving blog... But, last week, my girlfriend and I did some pancakes. Courtney made the batter, but had trouble with the flip, and the first few pancakes out of the pan were rather bunched up. Flipping things in frying pans is something I do well... Quite bizarrely well, in fact, because I've flipped omelettes in the past.

I am, however, a bit of a sad traditionalist at heart, so one of my pancakes just got topped with sugar and freshly-squeezed lemon juice. The other was a bit more daring... if you consider attempting to spread Nutella on a hot, freshly-made pancake 'daring'.

Which I don't.

So I don't know why I wrote that.

Anyway. Photos:
One very nicely done pancake

A liberal sprinkling of sugar with half a lemon at the ready...
Which reminds me, I really must set up an appointment with my dentist...

Not that you can tell from these photos, but the one on the left is the sugar'n'lemon one and you might just make out a slight oozing of Nutella on the righthand pancake.