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About S&tSM

While I'm neither incapable of nor averse to cooking, I do often find myself without the time or inclination to do much more than take a cardboard box out of my fridge or freezer, open it, and slap the contents into the oven.

Or, in the Old English: I'm Lazy.

I'm also, being honest, a compulsive eater. Put snacks in front of me and, when you ask five minutes later, I'll look at you eyes all wide and innocent and ask "What snacks?"

Consequently, I'm attempting to stretch myself in terms of what I do with simple foodstuffs, creating something that is both quick and reasonably nutritious. After all, you don't get a figure like mine without putting in the effort.

And, by 'effort', of course I mean cholesterol.

There's a small collection of recipe cards in my kitchen that I hope to work through sooner or later, plus a couple of books donated by family that may eventually be opened, read and - pardon the pun - inwardly digested.

I don't expect to produce frequent updates to this blog, but all recipes will be suitable for underachievers, and the whole thing will be presented in the inimitable, sardonic style known and enjoyed by my friends and family.

"Cogito Ergo Nom" - I think, therefore I nom