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Thursday 16 September 2010

Floristán Spanish Potato Omelette

Yes, I have attained a new level in laziness, via a pre-prepared omelette. Deal with it.

Seriously, though, one of these days, I really must get round to making one of these things from scratch. It's eggs, potato, onion, olive oil and salt. You mix it up, you chuck it in a frying pan and, a few short minutes later, you have a gosh-darned tasty omelette.

This product is, according to the packaging, actually manufactured in Spain, making it a far more Spanish omelette than anything I might hope to prepare. It's a veritable Tortilla Española. So maybe that's my excuse.

Don't judge me. I've already said I'm lazy, what more do you want?

And, hey, this thing comes with Microwave instructions, but I chose to do it properly, in the frying pan, with a couple of dashes of olive oil to help it along. And some pepper. Yeah, I'm really that daring.

But it didn't stop there. I had half a sweet pepper lurking in the fridge, in danger of losing its alluring crispness, so I chopped that sucker up and threw it in the frying pan with the omelette, for a bit of stir-fry action. The instructions call for a total of about 6-8 minutes of cooking time - that's 3-4 minutes each side, since it's quite a thick product, and the heat would not properly conduct all the way through if it was only heated from one side. Adding the veg made it slightly more complicated, in that I had to wholly resist my ever-present urge to flip omelettes (is that really so unusual?) for fear of sending hot chunks of oil-smothered sweet pepper all over the place.

I'm a big fan of omelettes in general, but tend to resent all the washing up they entail (a bowl and fork for mixing, even before it starts cooking? Pur-lease!), so the convenience of a pre-made omelette that requires only re-heating is a massive bonus. It's suggested that this product can serve "3-4 as a main course, 5-6 as a snack, or makes about 25 tapas". Clearly 'tapas' means 'morsels that are tiny to the point of being insignificant', but I found this reasonably filling as a main course for one. I'd certainly buy it again, but the simplicity of its ingredients and preparation makes me feel I should at least try to make one from scratch before resorting to pre-made... and, when that day comes, I should probably add more to the stir-fry.

Or the omelette.

Y'know, one or the other.

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