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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Adventures in Omelette #2 - Mushroom & Pork Breakfast Sausage

OK, really stretching myself here... This is something I tried last weekend, but completely forgot to write it up.

Largely because it didn't go so well.

It's basically the same as Adventures in Omelette #1 only with slightly less mushroom, and bulked up with Sainsbury's sliced, packaged Pork Breakfast Sausage, cut into quarters because the slices are rather large. I also did away with the Olive Oil, since I honestly don't think it made much of a difference in the original. So...


  • Eggs (Duh. Sorry, three for a decent-sized omelette)
  • Closed Cup Chestnut Mushrooms (3, from a punnet still containing many)
  • Sainsbury's Pork Breakfast Sausage slices (4, quartered)
  • Butter (for to stir-fry)
Preparation Time: about 10 minutes in total

Tools Required:
  • Bowl or jug for mixing eggs
  • Fork or egg whisk, also for mixing eggs
  • Knife, for to cut the mushrooms and sausage slices
  • Hob
  • Frying pan
  • Spatula optional

Beat eggs, blah, slice mushrooms, blah... So far, so #1. Literally the only difference at this point is that, after slicing the mushrooms, you take 4 slices of the Pork Breakfast Sausage and cut them into quarters. Mushrooms and sausage bits were added to the pan at the same time and fried briefly before pouring the eggs on. Flipping didn't go quite so well this time, but only ended up with a slight fold-over rather than any eggy splashing or omelette breakage.

The Results:
Y'know, I think I have sussed the problem of cooking these things through evenly. Because I am dim, and still not used to simple processes like cooking omelettes, I've been blasting these on pretty much the highest setting on one of the larger burners on my hob. Slower cooking on a lower heat would surely produce a more thorough cooking, rather than singing the underside while the top remains a gooey liquid.

Which, in case you haven't guessed, means this one was all but unpalatable. I managed most of it, but the combination of singed egg, sausage and mushroom really didn't taste good.

Must Try Harder.

And, seriously, stop with the flipping. Showy, yes... useful, no.

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