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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Adventures in Omelette #3 - Pepperoni and Gruyere

OK, I confess. This was not planned, by any stretch of the imagination. I had another one of my famous "Hmm, I'm feeling a little peckish... Oh, crap, it's after 2pm and I didn't have breakfast!" moments, and so rushed into the kitchen to prepare myself a quick sandwich.

Yes, you read that correctly. I said 'sandwich', not 'omelette'.

"But surely, Mr Snacks-and-the-Single-Man, you know the difference?" you enquire. "We have been enthralled whenever you have regaled us with your Adventures in Omelette, but you have not yet graced us with a single sandwich."

Well, yes... So here's the thing. I'm terrible at keeping track of bread. I buy only 400g loaves when I can, because I don't use a great deal, nor do I even tend to keep much by way of sandwich fixin's in my cupboards or fridge. Inevitably, some goes to waste.

Today, most of an entire 400g loaf and two bagels, to be precise.

So what, other than the traditional self-deprecation, comes next?

Eggs are slightly easier to keep track of, and I had four in the fridge. There was also some bacon ("Aha! Bacon sandw... oh, shit..."), ham, cheese, and miscellaneous other things that might have been great in a sandwich. Sure, I could have gone out to get some more, but what's the point if I've just thrown one loaf away. I mean, damn, when did I buy that one anyway?

Omelette, then. And using some of the potential fillings-ovva-sandwich.

Long-term readers may have picked up on the fact that my method of preparation for omelettes has been somewhat flawed from the beginning, so I started this one by taking into account as many previous lessons as I could remember. The hob was set to medium heat, rather than supernova. The pepperoni slices were laid out on the bottom of the frying pan, and the three freshly-beaten eggs were poured over the top.

And, gentle reader, medium heat was a success. Nothing burnt, nor even singed. Once the omelette was cooked - and, OK, I admit it, flipped - the heat was turned off, a slice of Gruyere was added on one side, and the whole thing folded over for serving.

The cheese melted in quite nicely but I confess I barely noticed its "sweet and nutty" flavour over the eggs (Sainsbury's are generally pretty good, though not as good as those I've had from farm shops once in a while) and, of course, the pepperoni.

Definitely a good snack lunch... which is probably all I'll need, since I'm having dinner with my folks this evening.

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