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Monday 16 May 2011

Poll on Facebook

Just for jollies, I would urge readers of this blog to pay a visit to the snacks & the single man page on Facebook, to participate in a poll to decide which of the remaining six Wright's Baking mixtures I try next.

Assuming I get a decent amount of feedback, there may be a follow-up poll to decide how I embellish the process. For example, if the winner is Chocolate Cake, I'll ask if I should add Willie's Cacao Venezuelan Black 100% Cacao chocolate chunks, Cadbury's Buttons, After Eight mints, etc. If the winner is one of the three breads I'll ask if I should do a simple loaf, a sub, some buns, or try some interesting knotwork with the dough. Who knows, it might end up as a Mixed Grain pretzel-y thing.

And, hey, while you're there, Like me...

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