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Saturday 29 September 2012

True Snacks: Llama's Whole Wheat Baked Bites

Because, let's face it, calling the blog snacks & the single man and then not featuring many snacks is just foolish.

These turned up in my local Tesco quite recently and their striking packaging fulfilled its function perfectly. Two flavours - BBQ and Sweet Chilli - were on offer, and both mysteriously appeared in my basket at the checkout.


While the blurb proclaims that these are part of "one mammal's mission to rid the world of boring snacks", there's actually nothing really new about them other than the flavours. In their simplest form, these are nothing more than small, llama-shaped wheat crackers. Shaped crackers and/or biscuits have been a stable of the kids' snacks aisle since time immemorial so, straight away, they're not as original and ground-breaking as they might like to present. It's no surprised that the cheesy option wasn't available - other than size and shape, they'd be little different from any other cheesy cracker, and there are at least a billion varieties of those already on the market.

BBQ is probably my favourite of the other two flavours - it's not like the usual barbecue flavour you'd find on crisps and the like, but it is exceptionally moreish. Sweet Chilli is probably a bit too heavy on 'sweet' and a bit too light on 'chilli' for my liking - only very mildly spicy, really - but still quite pleasant.

Worth picking up for those occasions where you're getting together with mates for booze, bad movies and bar snacks... or for kids' parties.

And the website is fun...

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