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Sunday 10 August 2014

Why I've Not Been Food Blogging Recently

I don't think I've made any secret of the fact that, in spite of the title of this blog, I'm not actually single now... A couple of years ago, I randomly encountered someone and exchanged emails with her for most of a year before she moved to London to attend university. We met up initially as friends, fully expecting it to be a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of meeting but, within a couple of months, decided to try dating.

Since my past relationships have tended to be (disappointingly? mercifully?) brief, and to follow a trajectory somewhere between bizarre and horrific, I decided against mentioning it to anyone for several months after that, leaving my family and oldest friend out of the loop until quite recently, because the relationship which 'felt right' to begin with has only become better with time. I even spent last Christmas with my girlfriend's family, having previously spent a couple of weekends with them...

While she was at university, we'd discussed the idea of her living with me for her final year and, when she decided to quit her course for the sake of her health, we kept to the original schedule. My girlfriend moved in with me back in June (something of a late birthday present) and, while it's taken a lot of getting used to (for both of us), the experience thusfar has been great. I didn't think I was really the co-habiting type, in many ways... but, as with many other aspects of our relationship, it has been unexpectedly easy and stress-free.

Additionally, not too long before she moved in, I accepted a permanent position with a company I did some Temping with at the beginning of the year. With an hour's journey to and from work each day, the time at home I'd previously had for culinary experimentation has been dramatically curtailed.

The upshot of these changes in my circumstances is that my girlfriend has taken it upon herself to prepare the evening meals so that they're more-or-less ready to serve when I arrive home from work, even tackling the lion's share of the cooking over the weekends. This being the case, it hasn't felt right to post write-ups of someone else's home cooking...

...However, rest assured, there will be times that I get off my backside and do some cooking of my own. Some of it will end up being quite simple, but I'm still intending to avoid ready meals and properly develop my kitchen skills.

This isn't exactly a haitus, just an acknowledgement that I don't have as much time for cooking as I had while unemployed/Temping. This blog was never going to be updated daily, but I know I can do more, and I'm hoping to do more once I get used to my new situation.

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