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Friday 11 May 2018

O Hai, Food Blog...

...Long time, no see.

The last couple of years have been pretty bizarre and, to cut a long story short, I have deliberately left full-time employment to recover a little of my sanity and, with any luck, get a bit of cooking done.

Due to the hours I was working and the length of my journey into work/back home, it just hasn't been feasible for me to cook evening meals for myself and my girlfriend over the last few years. Thankfully, until the end of last year, Courtney was mainly at home, studying for her degree or working at a part time job. Having successfully completed the course last year, she quickly found a full-time job in much the same area as me, but with more favourable office hours, so she continued to prepare evening meals for the both of us.

It might have been fun, at the start of this year, to document our foray into Veganuary... but, frankly, I added meat to my plate at every opportunity, so I wasn't very successful. A colleague asked me if I felt any healthier during Veganuary and I really didn't. Granted, most of the time I was physically and emotionally exhausted (I actually handed in my notice toward the end of that month), but the only really significant difference I noticed in myself - or, more accurately, my digestive system - is probably not something I should be writing about on a food blog.

But, to get back to the point, when my girlfriend and I discussed the idea of me leaving my job, it was agreed on the basis of her being in full time employment (thankfully her 3- and 6-month appraisals were extremely positive), and me taking on more - if not all - of the household chores, cooking included. The good thing about that is that taking on the cooking would mean that I would once again have reason/opportunity to post to this very blog.

And so, here I am again... I'm not going to say "I'm Back!" because I wouldn't want to imply that I'll suddenly be posting more often or more consistently. Pretty much the first thing that happened once I finally got out of my old office for the last time was that my computer died... and that's not even the first unexpected and stressful occurrence this year. I'm still not quite back on track with anything, as I'm just trying to relax for a while... But I did, finally, do some cooking today, and I'm hoping to do some more over the weekend.

Watch this space...

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