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Tuesday 25 September 2018


Something I've realised while working on Gousto recipes over the last few months is that writing up my experience of cooking these meals has actually become a little dull. I've always much preferred doing things from scratch, and documenting the whole thing like a scientific experiment. It's also been a little repetitive as I tend to have much the same impression of each recipe: dealing with the chopping ahead of time is advisable as I'm not that quick or accurate, and I can never quite match their timings as I still haven't got used to the temperature settings on my hob.

To this end, I've set up an Instagram account so that I can at least show photos of each recipe I try, adding a few pertinent notes to the caption.

Still, it's actually been fun to do the cooking so, once I get back into the frame of mind where I feel confident about getting a bit more experimental in the kitchen, hopefully I'll be able to post something a bit more detailed in this blog. For the time being, have a quick look at my Instagram account, and perhaps you'll see more frequent posts there.

I've got one more Gousto recipe as a draft, and hope to finish that at some point... but further recipes of that sort will likely be Instagram only, unless there's something particularly exciting about them.

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