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Sunday 20 February 2011

Iceland Pizzarante Speciale

Perhaps I have only myself to blame but, having tried and enjoyed some other Iceland pizzas, I thought I'd give this "Italian style pizza" a go. This isn't from the same range as the stonebaked one I've blogged about, but it is the same price-point - £1.50. The packaging is standard Iceland fare, which probably should have clued me in, but the promise of Emmental cheese, salami and pepperoni (along with ham and mushrooms) seemed like a good idea at the time.

Sadly, as far as flavour goes, you may as well eliminate the salami and pepperoni from the list... I can see they're there, but they had virtually no flavour - none of the kick one would associate with these types of Italian sausage. I'd expect the ham to be bland (it is formed rather than sliced, after all), but surely a spicy sausage should give the tongue something to do while each mouthful is being chewed?

Not being a cheese fan, I also have to admit that couldn't tell Emental from any other kind of cheese on this thing... again, nothing special about it. It's not lacking in quantity, either... just not outstanding.

In fact, the only thing that I really enjoyed about this particular pizza was the base which, contrary to expectation from a ready-made, frozen pizza, actually more-or-less delivers on its promise of being 'Italian style'. It's light, crisp, and very tasty.

One thing I may never fully understand is why so many ready-made pizzas are made in Austria. I'd like to think this has no bearing on the flavour (after all, even if they used Austrian spicy sausage, it should taste pretty good)... but for a supposedly quintessentially Italian food to be made in Austria just seems bizarre. It does explain why they're referred to as "Italian style", however...

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