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Monday 21 February 2011

Link of Awesomeness #1

Tonight, I link to the foodie blog of a friend, rather than repeat its contents, for the finally-revealed secret recipe behind the Arbroath Smokies served at the awesome north London fish restaurant Two Brothers. It is a recipe I shall be trying myself - not to mention hopefully spring on my family - at the earliest opportunity.

Please, if you love your tastebuds, pop over to Crumbs123 and allow them to experience the wonder that is Tony's Arbroath Smokies.

This recipe does turn up elsewhere on the interwebs, and there's some debate as to whether the smoked fish should be Haddock or Mackeral... We tried Haddock, and it was amazing. It's a really easy recipe - the most difficult part is peeling the tomatoes - and cooks very quickly under the grill.

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