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Thursday 10 February 2011

On Stereotypes

OK, right, before anyone comments on the last Thought for the Day post, along the lines of "Oh, you stereotypical Single Man, you... I bet you've got loads of booze at home, and no milk in the fridge, just like a stereotypical Single Man. All beer and no milk. Aw, bless", please examine this photo carefully.
In the bottled drinks rack, wedged in between the 2ltr bottle of Doctor Pepper and the 1ltr carton of Tropicana (Extra Juicy Bits), you will see a bottle of milk. Milk which I bought just yesterday, to replace the bottle I'd used up the day before.

I do have breakfast sometimes, y'know. And I rarely drink beer.

This has been a public service announcement.


  1. OK, now turn through 180 degrees and take a photo of the OTHER end of your kitchen. You know, the one with all the booze

  2. I have never denied the presence of booze in my kitchen... Quite the reverse. It was my intention to convey simply that I do not wholly adhere to the stereotype of the guy whose fridge is fully stocked with beer, but never has any milk :P