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Thursday 10 February 2011

Taiko Wrap Sushi - Vegetarian Wrap

You know when I said that my Filet o'Salmon Fish Fingers was the Lord of all Snack Foods? Yeah... well... I may have been a little hasty.

I've so far only come across these bundles of unmitigated sushi joy in certain branches of Waitrose, in their ready-made/snack/sandwich chiller cabinets but, at a mere £3 a pop for a full size sushi wrap, these are truly awesome. I shall attempt to illustrate:

Imagine, if you will, a long strip of Tamago, large slices of Shiitake mushroom and masses of fresh, crisp spinach wrapped up in a roll of sushi rice which is, itself, wrapped in a thin yet not insubstantial layer of Tamago. This roll is then cut in half and packaged with a sachet of pickled ginger, a sachet of wasabi, and one of those cute little fish-shaped containers of Shoda-branded soy sauce.

They are intended either as a quick snack, or as something to be eaten on the move and, potential complications arising from wasabi, soy sauce and perambulation aside, perform admirably in either function. They are quite tasty without the condiments and, perhaps surprisingly, the mushroom and omelette components offer the greatest contribution to the flavour. The ingredients list isn't particularly specific, but I'd guess the mushroom is either pickled or, at the very least, has been marinated in something - it has a kind of crunchiness and a subtle flavour that is not natural to raw, sliced Shiitake mushroom.

Dipped into the wasabi/soy mixture, of course it becomes a completely different, more powerful experience, and would probably work very well as a main component in either a full-on vegetarian sushi meal, or a mixed platter with fish, tempura and vegetarian options.

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